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Sick Policy

Is Your Child Too Sick for School?

Determining if a child is too sick to attend school is a judgment that can change minute-by-minute; however, there are some guidelines to follow.

A child should not attend school if:

The child has an abnormal temperature; please keep the child at home if the fever has not been normal for 24 hours.
The child is behaving unusually, is excessively cranky, and cannot easily be comforted.
The child is coughing or sneezing frequently and risks coughing sneezing on the other children repeatedly.

As always, an opinion can always be sought from your pediatrician as to how contagious your child may be. In addition, using the “golden rule” (Would you want to see another child at school with the same symptoms or in the same condition?) will help stop the spread of colds and other sicknesses to other children and families in our school.