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Welcome to the Capitol Hill Cooperative Nursery School (CHCNS). We are pleased you will be joining us. All of these forms must be completed and submitted before your child starts school.  Any questions for the 2017-2018 school year can be directed to [email protected]

Keep track of what paperwork you have completed using this checklist.


  1. DC Child Health Certificate (see this link for Instructions for DC Child Health Certificate)
  2. Registration Record for Child Receiving Care Away from Home
  3. Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
  4. Travel and Activity Authorization
  5. DC Oral Health Assessment Form
  6. Medical Authorization Form (write “N/A” if your child will not receive medication while at school)
  7. Allergy Addendum (including photo for those with allergies)
  8. CHCNS Photo/Video Release
  9. CHCNS Bylaws Acknowledgement

For Parents/Guardians/In-Class Volunteers:

As a cooperative, CHCNS requires that a parent or authorized guardian perform classroom duty so that Ms. Frances always has adult support. Please provide these completed forms along with your child’s forms for each person that intends to serve duty days in the classroom.

  1. Child Development Facility Employee Health Information Form
  2. Provider Health Certificate (in link above; this requires proof of a negative TB test and physical)
  3. Criminal Background Check (clearance good for two years)
  4. Request for a Child Protection Register CPR Check Application 10-06-17-English fillable_2 (required annually) See CPR Form Instructions
  5. CHUMC Sexual Misconduct Questionnaire (required annually)
  6. CHUMC Safe Sanctuary Policy (read in conjunction with questionnaire above)