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Duty Parent Responsibilities

Classroom Responsibilities of the Duty Parent

1. Bring Snacks:

The parent on duty is responsible for bringing snacks for the students’ morning snack break and recording it on the “snack tracker” sheet.  Please check for any food allergies in the group and plan accordingly.  Cups, water, and napkins are provided by the school.  The duty parent may also be asked to bring other items that the teacher may need for art or other projects.

2. Arrive in the classroom promptly at 8:45 am

Review plans for the day with the teacher.
Set up any art or other projects the teacher may require, e.g., cut out paper shapes for gluing, mix paints, etc.
Check the classroom set-up: chairs should be around tables and the classroom should be tidy.
Check the bathroom across the hall to ensure that the supply of toilet paper, soap and paper towels is sufficient.

3. Help children settle in to the classroom

Help children find their cubbies, put away their lunches, etc.
Help children go to their place when the teacher is ready to start her opening session for the day.
Sit with the children and help them listen to the teacher, participate in the discussion or song, and take turns talking.

4. Assist children with art projects or other activities

While the teacher is working with a child or children in one area or on one project, the parent should help the other children in their play activities, e.g., blocks, kitchen, dress-ups, etc.
Help children put on smocks for painting, label painting with child’s name and date.
Suggest new project for anyone who is tired of what they are doing or who may need help getting started, e.g., “Would you like to paint?”, “Can you make a supper for me?”

5. Escort children to the bathroom and change diapers as needed

Any time a child needs use the bathroom, they are to be escorted by the parent on duty.  Assist with clothing, getting up on the potty, and with washing and drying hands.
For children who are using diapers, ensure that they are clean and dry.

6. Assist children during transitions and clean-up time

Encourage children to help clean up.
Assist children with shoes and coats if needed.
When playing outside, help with any specific activity or watch children on play equipment to guard against injuries.

7. Assist with Snack and Lunch Set-Up

Take children to the bathroom and assist them in washing their hands.
For snack-time, parent and child give a cup, napkin and snack to every child.  Remind children to put away their own cups and napkins at the end of snack-time in to the washing pail.
For lunch time, help children get their lunch boxes, find a spot at a table, and get their lunches out.  After lunch, remind children to pack boxes and replace them in their cubbies.

8. Clean up classroom

Wash tables and chairs and stack chairs.

Wash, rinse and clean brushes, empty and wash paint containers.

Sweep up the crumbs, etc. from under the tables, and vacuum carpet.

Straighten toys and learning centers so that everything is ready for the next day.

Take out the trash.

List any supplies, repairs or cleaning on the bulletin board at the end of the day.



Feel free to check with the teacher when in doubt about any of the above instructions.