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The Capitol Hill Cooperative Nursery School, Inc., the first parent-run cooperative preschool on Capitol Hill, was established in 1960 by 10 families.  It was housed in the Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church until 1972 at which time it moved to the Capitol Hill Metropolitan Baptist Church.  In 1983, the school relocated to the Lenox School Building.  The school moved again in 1986 to Watkins Elementary — part of the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools.  In 1987 it moved to Peabody Elementary, the Early Childhood campus of the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools.  The school moved to Watkins Elementary in 1997, where it was located for two decades. In 2016 CNHCS moved to its current location at Capitol Hill United Methodist Church.  CHCNS is licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Service Facility Regulation Administration, Child Care Branch.