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Daily Schedule

Below represents a typical daily schedule of activities at CHCNS. The schedule remains very fluid; however, snack and lunch occur at roughly the same time each day. Every day includes a range of sensory stimulating activities¬† While there is not a set activity schedule, students are grounded by predictable behavioral expectations and consistent transition signals between activities. Ms. Frances remains flexible to respond to the needs, interests and mood of her classes. Children learn to sit and attend just as they learn to use their words, resolve conflicts with peers, work on fine and gross motor skills, and respect their environment as well as others. In general, the program’s daily activities are centered around choice and the intuitive ability of Ms. Frances to respond to the needs of the children.

Sample Schedule
8:45-9:00 am Students arrive, free play
9:00am Art activity, music or stories
10:00 am Snack (provided by parent on duty)
10:30 am Bathroom break
10:45 am Outside play (playground, neighborhood walk)
Noon Lunch (each child packs their own)
12:30 pm Free play or story time
1:00 pm Pick up